Equestrian Collection

Equestrian Collection and Disposal

Curbside offers collection services with dumpster bins for residential or commercial generated manure. Dumpster bins are available in 2, 3 and 4-cubic yards. We will customize your level of service, including your container size and number of weekly pick-ups, to uniquely suit your company’s needs. Service will be provided, at a minimum, every-other-week. Please do not overload the container as manure gets awfully heavy.

The following materials are accepted in the equestrian/manure program:

  • Clean manure with no contamination
  • Shavings

The following materials are NOT accepted in the equestrian/manure program:

  • No dirt/rocks/twine
  • No garbage

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Pay Your Bill Online

When you sign up for commercial trash or recycling collection services, Curbside makes it easy and convenient for you to pay your bill online.

What is the Holiday schedule?

Commercial and construction collection schedules will generally not be affected by holidays. If your business will be closed for a holiday, and your bins will be inaccessible to our drivers, please call the office to let us know.

Common Question

How do I start service?

You may request new or additional waste services online to check the availability of services in your area.